Equipment Page

The musical equipment that may be used to create the real audio and MP3 files for this site include,

Acoustic: A Yamaha APX-7 acoustic/electric guitar and vocals recorded through Shure Beta 57 and 58 microphones into a Voyetra/Turtle-Beach "Montego II" sound card, then mixed and edited by Cakewalk (currently Sonar XL) software.

Electronic: The "throw togethers and chainings for these recordings are widely variable. They may include simple connections such as a Kawai K1 II digital synthesizer keyboard used as a midi controller and sent through a Roland JV880 sound module, A Steinberger GL-4 guitar run directly in, or a Fender Stratocaster sent through a Roland GR-09 Guitar Synthesizer and recorded as either digital audio or midi information. These combinations can be sent either direct to the Montego II or through a Trace Elliot Trident combination amp and recorded by Shure Beta 57s. In certain situations, musical notation will be entered into Cakewalk Sonar Xlsoftware and then be sent through Roland sound modules. As required, a combination of sources, both analog and digital, will be recorded and mixed on a Tascam Porta-07 before being sent to Cakewalk for final mixdown and distribution.

For specific questions, please E-Mail us and they will be answered to the best of our ability.

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